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The Future of Data ManagementSM

Decrease data storage overhead and power consumption by up to 132x through sophisticated technology

Data Centers alone consume around 1.5% of global electricity consumption. In perspective, this equates to the output of 50 power plants and 100m metric tons of carbon pollution per annum, more than the emissions of 140 countries.*

*American National Resources Defense Council Report 2020

Our Company

Founded in 2020, Brame Technologies is a proprietary technology company that has invented several algorithms for the more efficient compression, use and storage of data. 

We provide cost-effective solutions to the burgeoning storage considerations of organizations either on or off-premises, by utilizing the most efficient compression technologies that deliver compressed and decompressed data, losslessly, back to users at lightning speed.

Reducing storage and retrieval requirements by up to 80%, including ecological impact, our revolutionary technology has massive potential to help enterprise organizations reduce energy consumption, storage costs and carbon output.

Addressing world and industry challenges.

Transforming traditional, cumbersome cloud and premises-based storage solutions to a fraction of their previous footprints. And, propelling the development of sophisticated disaggregated storage solutions to solve the challenges of today’s operators and organizations who crave improved total-cost-of-ownership due to stranded disk capacities and underwhelming performance.

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